First Slice 1-22-14: Personal data exposed on court website

Plus, could you please dim your billboard?


  • Carsonmc/Wikimedia Commons
  • Get it together, you building!

If you’ve had any interaction with the Fulton County court system recently, you might want to check that no one has subscribed to People Magazine in your name. WAGA-TV’s Dale Russell has the details.

A preliminary hearing yesterday, according to Decaturish, revealed that there’s a lack of physical evidence in the case involving the man and juvenile whom police think fatally shot Xavier Arnold in late December near Pullman Yard. However, the judge did send the case, which sparked the Kirkwood community to rally for increased public safety, to Superior Court.

Atlanta rapper Young Jeezy has been arrested for the second time in three weeks. Yes, you read that right.

Sandy Springs residents are irate irate over a LED billboard that’s beaming light into kitchens. Kramer knows your pain.

A former Clayton County police officer who law enforcement authorities say set up a bogus drug bust and later resold what he confiscated has struck a plea deal with prosecutors.

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