First Slice 1-5-14: Pay raises for everybody! Woo hoo!

Plus, Empire State to go green?


As expected, Gov. Nathan Deal will most likely tap the state’s $900 million reserves, which have grown thanks to the rebounding economy, to boost teacher pay and fund other initiatives when he releases his budget proposal to state lawmakers. Just in time for election season!

Xavier Arnold, the 21-year-old U.S. Army reservist and art college student who was shot during an attempted robbery in Kirkwood and later died, was laid to rest on Saturday. Loved ones remembered the Chamblee High School graduate as a brave “free spirit” who cared about his family.

A few weeks ago, we suggested you leave a bank if someone dressed as Wolverine enters the location. We now advise you to do the same in adult shops and you see a man wearing an Incredible Hulk mask.

The wonderfully wacky Ponce de Leon Hotel has been sold. Please, keep Ponce weird.

New York might ease its medical marijuana laws. Maybe Georgia could finally do the same with the law it has already on the books?

Let’s all read thousands of words about Tonya Harding, Nancy Kerrigan, and what that crazy episode really meant back when America was innocent and life was simpler.

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