First Slice 10-15-12: Mayor says Biden ‘dominated’ VP debate

Plus, North Georgia hit with minor earthquake

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Mayor Kasim Reed, appearing for the 1,479th time on NBC’s Meet the Press, says Vice President Joe Biden came out on top in last week’s debate against Congressman Paul Ryan. He also defended how President Barack Obama has handled the aftermath of the September attack in Libya that killed U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other members of the diplomatic mission. More videos of Hizzoner’s Sunday sitdown with host David Gregory and other panelists here.

Beat the crowds on Nov. 6: Early voting has begun in Georgia. Also: Early voting is an abomination.

Shocker o’ the week: A recent poll says Mitt Romney has a strong lead in Georgia over President Barack Obama.

North Georgia early Saturday morning was hit with a minor earthquake, which is kind of a ridiculous phrase, because c’mon, earthquakes.

Tiny bugs unfazed by pesticide are overrunning a Locust Grove home and forming pentagrams on the walls. One part of that sentence is not true.

The kids lose when the adults argue. The American Family Association, the conservative evangelical group, thinks an anti-bullying program started by the Southern Poverty Law Center, which recently added the AFA to its list of hate groups, is a nefarious plot to push the Gay Illuminati™’s “homosexual lifestyle” on children.

R.I.P, Arlen Specter. The Pennsylvania senator died yesterday after a long battle with cancer. He was 82.

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