First Slice 10-16-12: Obama vs. Romney, round two

A lot of people will watch two men talk about a variety of issues tonight


1. Tens of thousands of Georgia Pacific employees received "voter information packets" informing them their jobs may rely on the outcome of the presidential election. They were also told that the owners are Mitt Romney supporters. You can fill in the blanks from there...

2. On that note, a lot of people will watch two men talk about a variety of issues tonight. Watch it live at 9 p.m. or read about it here.

3. Over 100 new surveillance cameras will be installed in downtown Atlanta, with the hopes of further reducing crime in the area. This will bring the total number up to 762 and will only cost a modest $2.25 million — funded by grants that support the Operation Shield Initiative.

4. Starting on Nov. 1, the Georgia Archives will only accept public appointments six days a month. According to the AJC, the archives were already offering the fewest open hours in the nation.

5. According to a study by the Beer Institute, Georgia stands near the top of U.S. beer shipping states, but only ranks 42nd in terms of per capita consumption. The jury's still out regarding how much of those numbers can actually be attributed to the work of our favorite beerbearded columnist...

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