First Slice 10-29-12: North Fulton mayors keen on multi-county transit system

Plus, special interest groups like funding Georgia congressional campaigns


  • MTA/Flickr
  • Grand Central Station shuts down for Sandy

North Fulton mayors are once again pitching the idea of a regional transit agency comprising multiple counties.

Surprise! Special interest groups dumped mountains of money into Georgia’s congressional races.

The deepening of the Savannah port, a key project of Gov. Nathan Deal, Mayor Kasim Reed, and the state’s business community, received a push this weekend after the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers gave the controversial initiative the OK.

While we’re talking about Savannah: The city’s newspaper is going behind a paywall starting tonight. Non-subscribers will only be able to read 15 articles each month.

Young people: do not joke about “pulling a Columbine.”

New York City transit officials closed the mammoth system last night to prepare for Hurricane Sandy. And, in the process, provided a rare glimpse of an empty Grand Central Station and rail stops.

And ICYMI: Southeast Atlanta residents tonight plan to protest a proposed retail center along Glenwood Avenue and the Atlanta Beltline.

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