First Slice 11-1-12: Dentists want your candy

November, the smell of dashed political hopes and dreams linger in the air

1. Spam e-mail texting is a hot new thing this political season. That’s because sending unsolicited text messages is technically against the law, but a Virginia-based marketing and polling firm, ccAdvertising, has found a way around that. Instead of texts, they’re sending e-mails to phone numbers attacking president Barack Obama on the run up to the election.

2. Speaking of elections, Thomas Wheatley and Max Blau have been buried in their cubicles for weeks, it seems, to bring you this stellar guide to Georgia’s 2012 elections. Buy the boys a falafel or something.

3. Some 45 of the top performing Title I schools in Georgia are here in the ATL, the state’s Department of Education revealed yesterday.

“I want to take what’s working at our Reward Schools and replicate that in every school in the state,” State School Superintendent John Barge said in a statement. “These are the schools making education work for all Georgians.”

4. A four-year-old in Colorado broke out in tears because she was “tired of Bronco Bamma and Mitt Romney.” We’ll ask again, Why do we need a president?

5. Did your little goblins come home with too many sweets last night? Local dentists are accepting donations to send to U.S. troops, in turn giving kiddies “a little cash, dental hygiene ‘goody bags,’ coupons or other items” in exchange.

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