First Slice 11-12-12: The Atlanta Falcons hath fallen

Plus, should the GOP change the message or just the messenger?


The Atlanta Falcons can tap public funding for a new stadium so long as the team keeps its unbeaten rec-... never mind.

Construction has started on pedestrian improvements think new signals, a better crosswalk, and curb ramps, among other fixes where the Atlanta Beltline’s Eastside Trail begins near 10th Street and Monroe Drive.

At least seven women have reported being raped at Emory University in the last two months, says the director of the school’s program to prevent sexual assault.

If metro Atlanta really wants to tackle its transportation crisis, Maria Saporta writes, it needs to embrace regionalism despite what voters said in July 31’s transportation sales tax vote.

Conservative pundits, a special category of human-animal hybrid, are brawling over whether the GOP should change its “message” or its “messengers.” In other words, does the party tinker with its ideology or sign up more people who aren’t white men?

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