First Slice 11-13-12: Newt Gingrich gets real with Republicans

"The simple fact is Republicans spent more and achieved less than Democrats in 2012"


1. In a Politico column yesterday, Newt Gingrich vented about the Republican party, concisely summarizing the thoughts of many Republicans since last week's election.

2. Fox 5 news anchor Amanda Davis was charged with a DUI after her crashing car early yesterday morning. She was driving northbound in a southbound lane on Piedmont Avenue.

3. Herman Cain wants to start a third party with "real" conservatives in order to "save this country."

4. UPS has decided to stop donating money to the Boy Scouts, saying that they want to "promote an environment of diversity and inclusion."

5. After conducting some Open Records searches, 11 Alive found that school bus drivers do, in fact, get tickets. And nothing says breaking news like a melodramatic headline such as "School buses breaking the rules of the road."

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