First Slice 11-14-12: Waffle House CEO simultaneously apologizes, claims to be a victim in public statement

Plus, how to secede from the secessionists

1. Waffle House CEO Joe W. Rogers admitted his own “stupidity” yesterday after taking part in an eight-year affair with an employee. He also said that he refuses to be an extortion victim, calling the allegations “blackmail.”

2. State records show that Georgia lawmakers received thousands of dollars worth of tickets to sporting events, including football games, wrestling matches, and monster truck races.

3. A GSU student was murdered on Monday afternoon, and as The Signal points, thousands have taken to Reddit to help provide information about the killer.

4. Despite Dan Cathy’s best attempts to derail Chick-fil-A’s public image, the company was still named America’s favorite chicken chain.

5. Oh, and here’s a petition for Atlanta to secede from secessionist Georgia, in case you were waiting for the inevitable response to the original petitions.

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