First Slice 11-15-12: People in all 50 states petition to secede from United States

It's going to be a new country, of 50 united states, and we're going to call it ...


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1) There's gold in them Georgia hills, or at least a lot or tea. Starbucks announced yesterday it's buying the Atlanta, mall-based company Teavana "to help the company do for tea what it's done for coffee," according to the AJC.

2) Facebook just rolled out couples pages. Don't bother setting one up, though. If you're in a relationship, the social media giant took the liberty of creating one for you (and your better half).

3) Food Truck Thursdays in EAV?

4) The University System of Georgia Board of Regents approved new oversight measures earlier this week in an effort to limit borrowing for building projects that aren't academic related. According to the Atlanta Business Chronicle, the "belt tightening" move stemmed from a tight budget and a slight decline in enrollment in public universities and colleges around the state.

5) The White House has received petitions to secede from people in all 50 states now, but only six - Georgia, Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, Tennessee, and Texas - have more than the 25,000 signatures required for a response from the Obama administration. And just in case you missed Max's post about it yesterday, there's also a petition for Atlanta to secede from the seceding state and remain part of the United States.

Yeah, it's all pretty ridiculous.

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