First Slice 11-16-12: Sandy surfaces WW II love letters

5-hour energy deaths, I-285 repaving. and more


1. Do what you can to avoid I-285 this weekend. Workers will stall traffic as they work to finish up the last bout of repaving before breaking for the winter months.

2. More than 40 gunshots fired in the area of Grant Park, Peoplestown and Summerhill Tuesday night put many residents on edge, but after canvassing the area police didn’t find a shooting victim, suspect, or much of anything related to the incident.

3. A set of 57 Word War II love letters washed ashore in New Jersey during Superstorm Sandy.

4. The Food and Drug Administration is looking into multiple deaths with a possible link to the use of 5-hour Energy drinks. Since 2009, 5-hour Energy has been mentioned in more than two dozen complaints with the FDA that involved serious or life-threatening injuries such as heart attacks, convulsion, and even a spontaneous abortion.

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