First Slice 11-18-12: Georgia opts out of health insurance exchange

Plus, app makers aren’t rolling in dough


1. Add Georgia to the list of states that won’t set up a health insurance exchange - or “marketplace” where some people who don’t have coverage can shop for plans - as part of the federal healthcare overhaul.

2. Gov. Nathan Deal warned his fellow Republican governors at a Las Vegas summit that states can’t chide the government for overspending and then bemoan lack of federal funding. From the New York Times:

Gov. Nathan Deal of Georgia, a former member of Congress, said that while they would be painful, “To be realistic and not hypocritical, we can’t complain about the federal government spending too much unless we’re willing to accept the consequences of them spending less.”

No word on when Deal will once again join Mayor Kasim Reed and visit the White House to seek federal aid for the deepening of the Savannah port.

3. “Uhm, doctor? Hey, doc?”

4. The ongoing trial of Andrea Sneiderman, the Dunwoody woman who’s accused of plotting with a former co-worker to kill her husband, takes an unexpected turn.

5. Apps are changing the way people get information and communicate. But are the people who transform them from idea to reality making a living?

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