First Slice 11-22-12: Eating like royalty

Mini-grants for your ‘hood, sinking roads reopened, and more


1. The mayor’s office wants to give you a mini-grant to fix up your neighborhood. The Love Your Block initiative offers between $500-$1000 for improvements projects. Folks around the city can apply through their NPU or neighborhood association before January 8, 2013.

2. Even conspiracy theorists have something to be thankful for today. Internal e-mails among U.S. military officials obtained by the Associated Press indicted that no sailors watch Osama bin Laden’s burial at sea. Although, the exchanges were heavily redacted and included at least one account of bin Laden’s body being prepped for burial.

3. The city has reopened a stretch of Howell Mill Road near 14th Street closed yesterday when it started to sink. It’s a temporary fix, but hopefully it’ll get us through the weekend.

4. Atlanta’s director of planning and community development has taken issue with Fuqua Development’s Glenwood Place Project. In a letter, Charletta Wilson Jacks noted the design did not meet Beltline Overlay Zoning guidelines for development, and failed to meet the required number of parking spots.

5. Turkey day be damned, the Development Authority of Fulton County eats like royalty every time it meets. An I-Team investigation found the nine-member board spends an average of $1,100 on lunch for each meeting. Other questionable expenses include more than $8,000 at a floral shop in a two-year period and annual Christmas parties at the Ritz Carlton with a $50,000 price tag.

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