First Slice 11-27-13: Georgia's university system considers complete smoking ban for state colleges

Indicted lawmakers, immigration bribes, and more


Indicted State Sen. Don Balfour, R-Snellville, will head to trial next month after being accused of illegally claiming Gold Dome pay while billing both the state and his private employer for the same expenses.

Tobacco products may soon be outlawed for faculty, students, and visitors across the 31 campuses that are part of Georgia's school system. "Most of these kids start smoking at school because they think it looks cool and they're away from home and their parents," Georgia Regent Thomas Hopkins told the AJC. "But, it's not healthy and I would hope we would do something about that."

A DeKalb County juror this week was filling out a new online questionnaire. When he tried to fill out his occupation from a list of options, "slave" appeared as a possible choice. Court administrators quickly removed the listing.

Hakeem Omar, a 31-year-old Atlanta resident, will spend two years behind bars and lose his U.S. citizenship after bribing an immigration official.

University of Georgia student and former CL intern David Schick continues his open records request fight against the state's Board of Regents. "At times it feels like it's my own version of Watergate," he told CBS Atlanta.

60 Minutes' correspondent Lara Logan and her producer will take a leave of absence following CBS' apology and subsequent review of her discredited Benghazi report.

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