First Slice 11-28-12: Porsche breaks ground on new headquarters near airport

Plus, Bradford Cox goes Hollywood


Porsche broke ground on its new headquarters near the airport yesterday. And it happened, after some discussion, without any unintentional dedications to the company’s past Nazi ties.

In case you missed it, a one-time Woodruff Arts Center employee may have embezzled $1.48 million over a five-year period, which apparently “[|topnews|bc|large|exposed]” a weakness in the institution’s internal controls.

The debate over whether Georgia’s Medicaid expansion would ultimately have a positive or negative impact continues.

An upcoming film starring Matthew McConaughey, who plays the role of a man testing non-regulated drugs in the mid-’80s following an AIDS diagnosis, will also feature Bradford Cox of Deerhunter in a small role as a “cross-dresser living with AIDS.”

Some state officials have expressed disappointment over Georgia’s inability to capitalize on the 150th anniversary of the Civil War.

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