First Slice 11-6-12: There is an election today (so don’t forget to vote)

Election guides, danger, Terrence Malick projects, and more!


1. Yes, it’s time to get yourself one of ‘em nifty Georgia peach voter stickers. So go on ahead and perform your civic duty. If you play your cards right, you might just even win a free gun!

2. Seriously though, here’s our election guide, which breaks down many of the important local races and ballot measures.

3. According to a recent FBI report, Atlanta is now the eighth-most dangerous city in the U.S. with a violent crime rate roughly four times higher than the nation’s average.

4. One clever individual thought it would be funny to create fake Instagram accounts for Delta, American Airlines, and JetBlue, where they then proceeded to offer free flights to thousands of people who followed them. The three airlines did not find the joke funny.

5. Thanks to a new (and seemingly bizarre) Terrence Malick project, The Black Lips and Val Kilmer teamed up onstage during Fun Fun Fun Fest. Weirdness ensued.

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