First Slice 12-11-13: Cobb Chairman promises future transparency now that Braves stadium deal is complete

How thoughtful of Tim Lee!


  • Atlanta Braves
  • The proposed design of the Braves’ new stadium in Cobb County.

Fulton County’s proposed $25 million funding cuts to Grady Memorial Hospital may happen next week. “We really are in a horrible position as a hospital,” Grady Memorial Hospital Corp. chairman A.D. “Pete” Correll recently told lawmakers.

In an effort toward transparency, Cobb Chairman Tim Lee says a communication plan will soon be released with details on the county’s future plans to help build the Atlanta Braves’ $672 million stadium - a deal that was approved last month. “Now that it’s happened, it’s appropriate to keep as much information as possible on our progress and our status available to the folks that are involved,” Lee told the Marietta Daily Journal.

MARTA won’t operate the Atlanta Streetcar once it’s fully operational, a city official says.

“Honey, we don’t walk in Atlanta. We all drive here. I can’t say why. I guess we’re just lazy.”

Some Georgia inmates who were previously sentenced to life in prison may receive new jail terms due to a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision.

The Weather Channel is threatening to leave metro Atlanta if they don’t receive tax breaks to help with a planned expansion. “But given our future growth, to stay in our current location requires significant levels of investment,” Executive Vice President Shirley Powell told the Associated Press.

State Sen. Jason Carter, D-Decatur, takes a look back at his one-time meeting with former South African president and civil rights icon Nelson Mandela. Yes, he spoke Zulu back in the day. (though he’s rusty now!).

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