First Slice 12-13-13: Another mixed-use behemoth looms

mixed-use development, edgewood shopping district, scream, robbery, rats, fulton county, Senate

What does Atlanta need more than anything? Reformed public schools? Expansion of public transportation? A new baseball team? NOPE! Another mixed-use complex! Duh. Developer Greystar has filed plans for “275 residential units and 30,390 square feet of commercial space” to be built across the street from the Edgewood Shopping District.

A man wearing a Scream mask, dressed in an orange jumpsuit, and armed with a rifle tried to rob the Welcome Food Mart on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive. His plans were foiled when the attendant simply laid down behind the locked bulletproof counter and didn’t respond to the ghoul’s demands. Eventually the masked bandit retreated with some chips and popcorn in his hands. If you see a criminal mastermind looking downtrodden and licking his fingertips forlornly, please report the sighting to authorities.

The Fulton County government center, justice tower, and juvenile court buildings are all infested with rats. That’s not a metaphor. Specialists are coming this weekend to try to clear out the pests.

A lot of Republicans really want to leave Harry Reid’s slumber party at the Senate because all he wants to do is confirm appointees like it is his job or something. It looks like they might all be spending Christmas Eve together in the Capitol. What do you think Senate Republicans would like to stuff in Reid’s stocking this year?

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