First Slice 12-24-13: Georgia Congressmen, civil rights leaders protest Obama judicial nominations

Guys, who glued all the PARKatlanta meters shut?


Metro Atlanta elected officials and civil rights activists including U.S. Rep. John Lewis, D-Atlanta; U.S. Rep. David Scott, D-Atlanta; Rev. Joseph Lowery, and C.T. Vivian yesterday spoke out against President Barack Obama’s recent judicial nominees to Georgia’s federal bench. “I think they overlooked how explosive the issue is in Georgia,” Lowery, who’s upset over the picks’ lack of diversity, said. “And I think they now regret that they didn’t give it closer attention.”

Some anonymous rabble-rousers have glued shut more than 50 PARKatlanta meters in Old Fourth Ward and other surrounding neighborhoods.

Behold, Ponce City Market has a brand new sign! The painting process recently was captured in a time-lapse video.

Publix, the Southern grocery chain and makers of scrumptious pub subs, has recently caught flak for its treatment of gay employees. “I think it’s still 1965 in their eyes,” Drake Business School CEO and LGBT activist David Cary Hart told the Miami New Times. “They have absolutely no sensitivity to this issue whatsoever.”

Attentions, atheists: Pope Francis says to “just do good” regardless of one’s belief in a higher power.

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