First Slice 12-26-13: John Lewis gives Congress a gift


This holiday season, Rep. John Lewis gave every member of Congress a copy of March: Book One, his autobiographical graphic novel. It is a fantastic piece of work that deals with Lewis’ early days in the civil rights movement. It also has lots of crisp illustrations, which is good, because based on the actions (or inactions) of many members of the 113th Congress, we’re not entirely sure they’ve ever read a book without pictures. Maybe March will be a thought-provoking gateway drug for many of them, pictures aaaaand words, hurray!

Speaking of the 113th Congress, they’re currently on pace to be the least productive and least popular Congress ever. It is halftime for them right now. If anyone has any spare inspirational locker room speeches laying around, please send them to First Street SE, Washington, DC 20004, Attn: Do-Nothings.

Probably inspired by the holiday classic A Christmas Story and potentially under the influence of TBS at the time, a couple robbed a Waffle House in Athens with a BB gun. The husband and wife were easily apprehended by area police. There were no reports of any eyes being shot out.

Agave will be hosting a benefit dinner on Jan. 6 to help save Little’s Food Store. Go Cabbagetown!

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