First Slice 12/3/14: New Falcons stadium costs keep rising up (to $1.4 billion)

Siberian lynx attack in Buckhead, pension lawsuit appeal, and more!


  • Atlanta Falcons
The new Atlanta Falcons stadium costs have risen yet again to $1.4 billion. How much higher will it go before 2017? Who knows. But at least it will be in the name of providing fans with the ultimate stadium experience!

Someone in Buckhead owns a Siberian lynx as a pet. And the exotic animal, one of nine cats living in the same house, attacked that person’s neighbor.

Atlanta’s pension reform lawsuit just won’t die. The group of city workers who filed a lawsuit against the city are appealing a recent Fulton County Superior Court judge’s ruling to uphold the controversial reforms passed in 2011.

The Atlanta Board of Education has nixed a request to allow for more kids in APS classrooms.

Behold, your 2015 Atlanta City Council committee assignments!

Former sports memorabilia dealer Bryan Allen, who helped pay University of Georgia running back Todd Gurley $400 for signing autographs, speaks out about the mistakes he made in the process of becoming “the most hated man in Georgia.”

ICYMI: Atlantans will finally have a place to haul hard-to-recycle materials throughout the year.

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