First Slice 12-7-12: Blogging from a Guatemalan jail

Plus, bridge repairs, a rooftop garden, vacancies, and more


  • Clay Duda/File
  • Trayvon Martin supporters rally at Georgia’s state capitol in March of this year

1. Georgia Department of Transportation announced $43 million to fund 14 projects across the state yesterday, mainly repairing or replacing aging bridges here and there,

2. George Zimmerman, the Florida man charged with shooting an killing unarmed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin earlier this year, has filed a lawsuit against NBC for editing his 911 call and making him sound like “”a racist and a predatory villain” following the incident.

3. John McAfee, best known as the founder of McAfee anti-virus software, is blogging from a Guatemalan jail. It’s a long and confusing tale of murder, corruption, and deception that’s still developing - and you’ll likely get to hear all about it in time. A crew from Vice magazine has been shadowing McAfee as he fled Belize for asylum in Guatamala, only to be arrested and held for extradition there.

4. The W Atlanta - Downtown hotel has announced a new rooftop garden. We haven’t seen any pictures yet, but their press release said something about organic vodka.

5. According to CNBC, the good ole ATL was the seventh most vacant city in America in 2012, at least among major metros.

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