First Slice 2-22-12: Five shot dead at Bu-Hi spa

Plus what the Girl Scouts are REALLY up to, and bring your umbrella ... or lock yourself in the storm cellar with a rosary and just pray


  • Lesbian Commie Abortion Scouts of America

1. An apparent murder-suicide left five dead — two of them women — at Su Jung Health Sauna on Buford Highway last night. Brian Harr, captain of the Norcross Police, said, “I think it happened so quickly that a lot of the people didn’t realize what happened, and then it was over.” Neither the shooter’s nor the victims’ names have been released.

2. Besides conspiring to make us all fatsos, the Girl Scouts of America are destroying traditional family values by promoting homosexuality, sexualizing young girls, and operating as a tactical arm of Planned Parenthood, says smart/sane Indiana State Rep. Bob Morris. After the “small amount” of Internet research his wife did on the Girl Scouts revealed that they’re a “radicalized organization” (his words — no joke), Morris made it his noble mission to stop the Indiana House from approving a non-binding resolution celebrating the Girl Scouts centennial anniversary. So, basically, that box of Samoas you just ate in one sitting ensured that some special little girl will become a lesbian who enjoys getting abortions in her spare time. Nice work.


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