First Slice 2-27-12: Grant Central Pizza gets publicity, and Newt Gingrich said something annoying re: Godless lefties

Some Monday morning headlines to get your week started

Restaurant Disclaimer: No Crying Kids Allowed:

If you read CL’s Omnivore food blog you’ll remember Cliff Bostock’s quickie post on Grant Central Pizza’s not so new policy about taking those crying children outside, at least until their done crying. Well, Fox Five ran with it, and then Arianna Huffington’s jack-booted thugs got their hands on the story and really tried to blow it out of proportion.

Frothy presidential hopeful Rick Santorum says he doesn’t believe in the separation of church and state ... Whatever, dude.

Newt Gingrich passed through town this weekend to say something scary about the Godless lefties.

Atlanta water officials have lifted the “boil water advisory” issued for parts of East Atlanta over the weekend.

... And last, but not least, an Atlanta-based private security firm helped bust a North Carolina dog-fighting event over the weekend resulting in 27 arrests and 18 dogs rescued. Have you scoundrels learned nothing from Michael Vick?

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