First Slice 2-28-12: UE plane from Atlanta makes emergency landing

The day's top news stories in Atlanta.

1. I used to have a saying: you fly, you die. I was a wee bit terrified of flying, and didn't take an airplane for transport for five years in my 30s. I've since gotten past that, even done some travel writing. That said, with news that a United Express flight from Atlanta to New Jersey had to make an emergency belly-landing because the LANDING GEAR COLLAPSED ... well, I'm just imagining my attempt to hold it together had I been on the flight would have sounded like GAAAHHHHHHHHHH!

2. According to the AJC, "the charge to drive in the 16-mile stretch of I-85 in the express lane climbed to $4.75 at 7:18 a.m." So suck it, car-drivers.

3. A great first-half Hawks review by Peachtree Hoops is up. Living here now, I really feel for Hawks fans. You've got a team just good enough to taunt, and an ownership group not quite bold enough to get you over the hump. Tough. Meanwhile, I know I'll be spending the NBA Finals re-watching last year's Mavs run on DVR, but ... I've got that goin' for me, which is nice.

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