First Slice 2/7/12: Won’t Somebody Please Think of the Children?

Top stories of the day in Atlanta/


  • Joeff Davis
  • The crowd during last night’s Atlanta Board of Education Community Meeting.

1. An overflow crowd of parents from across the district voiced complaints to the Atlanta School Board last night about the redistricting options they’ve seen. Most parents and community leaders were respectful and relatively brief in their comments, but the subtext was, “I have planned bake sales and daddy-daughter dances for a decade, emeffers, and I WILL rain PTA hellfire on your asses.”

2. Wanna buy a thousand-foot-tall building? Be at the Fulton County Courthouse steps at, say, afternoon-ish.

3. How safe are breast implants? A well-respected, Georgetown- and Emory-educated Atlanta chest-stuffer makes his case. My takeaway: There was a plastic surgery convention in Atlanta and I missed it?

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