First Slice 2-8-12: Welcome to the ATL, Mittens

And I thought a "Santorum" was something way grosser than a presidential candidate

1. Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney will make an appearance today at 3:30 p.m. at Bottega Stone, a granite countertop warehouse in Northeast Atlanta's Brookwood Hills neighborhood. How perfect that he'll be surrounded by slabs of stone, the only things that could make him seem less rigid.

2. Oh, and, look. Rick Santorum won things.

3. Bank of America plaza was bought back by its lender yesterday for the bargain price of $235 million, TWO HUNDRED MILLION less than it was purchased for back in '06.

4. The 20-year-old victim of the disturbing homophobic beat down that was videotaped taking place in Atlanta's Pittsburgh neighborhood — and which was subsequently downloaded to the Internet — is expected to appear at a press conference today at noon. Check back with Fresh Loaf for updates.

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