First slice 3-12-12: Occupy ATL in court, zombies are mobilizing, and Whitney’s spirit is flipping light switches in her former home

Some Monday morning headlines to get the week started


1. It’s a mild Monday morning out there with temperatures near 60 already. Expect it to reach into the upper 60s by this afternoon, with mostly cloudy skies, and possible showers later in the day … So says Fox 5 meteorologist Joanne Feldman.

2. APD has an APB out for a black Chevy Suburban that was stolen near West Peachtree and Simpson Streets over the weekend. It was owned by a Blackwater Security employee, and is said to be chock full o’guns.

3. During a Sunday night television special, Whitney Houston’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown told Oprah Winfrey that Houston’s spirit is still strong in the Georgia mansion she shared with her mother, literally. “I feel her pass through me all the time ... Lights turn on and off and I’m like, ‘Mom, what are you doing?’”

4. Occupy Atlanta protestors got a lesson in court room etiquette last week.

5. SPOILER ALERT: Stop reading now If you did not watch last night’s episode of the Walking Dead, and you still care about the show. ... Rick killed Shane, then Carl killed Shane again. This should have have happened long ago. Here’s to hoping that the massive zombie mob that’s headed their way won’t take three more episodes to find them.

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