First Slice 3/16/12: President Obama in town - for a new iPad?

The top stories in Atlanta this morning.


1. President Obama stops by to see Mayor Kasim Reed and friends today. The Mayor says he hopes the president makes a real effort (read: spends some real money) and gives it a go in Georgia instead of just ceding its electoral votes to the Repubs. Um, have you *been* outside the perimeter, Mr. Mayor?

2. How will the Prez be dressed? If he were honest about his origin, in a thawb or dishdasha. But if he reads the forecast, he’ll be in shirt sleeves and bring an umbrella.

3. Maybe he’ll stop by Lenox Square and pick up an iPad. (Which technically you can do today. But if you’re not in line, it’s not likely.) The new iPads are here! The new iPads are here!

4. Or maybe he’ll stop by the strip club Diamonds, where rapper Fabolous made it rain to the tune of $28,000 Wednesday night, according to Of all the nights for me not to go.

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