First Slice 3-18-15: Georgia working to find a 'reliable source' for lethal injection drugs, Deal says

Transportation plans, "religious freedom" opponents rally, and more


Gov. Nathan Deal promises that Georgia's lethal injection drug problems will be cleared up soon. “I am told Department of Corrections officials believe they are now on track to have a reliable source, one that will prevent the clouding of the drug, or any contamination or crystallization of the drug, which has also been a problem in the past,” he told the AJC. “That’s my only concern about it. That needs to be resolved, and hopefully they’ve found a way to do that.”

The Georgia Senate's transportation plan includes a lower gas tax, an annual "highway user impact fee" tax for vehicles, a rental car tax, $250 million in annual debt payments, and other goodies.

LGBT supporters yesterday staged a major rally against Georgia's proposed "religious freedom" bill. “Something is deeply wrong in this state that we would target and discriminate against a people in the name of religion," First Iconium Baptist Church Senior Pastor Rev. Tim McDonald said. "I thought there was no real need,” Macon Circuit District Attorney David Cooke added. “But what I also saw was a very real danger.

In local election news: Atlantans have approved the city's $250 million bond package to fix roads, bridges, and sidewalks. Avondale Estates residents also elected architect Jonathan Elmore to be the town's new mayor.

In international election news: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu yesterday won re-election, but only after promising right-wing supporters in a last-minute campaign effort that no Palestinian state would be formed while he was in office.

The White House was sent a letter that has tested positive for cyanide. The Secret Service is looking into who sent the letter and conducting further testing.

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