TSA does it's thang with a toddler, Metro Atlantans start businesses ... because they have to!

1. People are pissing their pants a little about this video of a three-year-old boy in a wheelchair being patted down by a TSA agent in Chicago. First of all, the video was taken in 2010. Second, the kid's father seems like a total blowhard-attention-monger (see video above). Lastly, have you ever met a three year old? They're monsters who can't be trusted.

2. Spring came early this year. You're, like, "Yeah, no shit, it was 100 degrees yesterday." But, I'm talking ASTROLOGICALLY, here. The vernal equinox — "the moment when the sun arrives at one of two intersection points of the ecliptic (the sun's path across the sky) and the celestial equator (Earth's equator projected onto the sky)" — arrived the earliest it has since 1896.

3. Atlantans: What a bunch of entrepreneurs! "Atlanta ranked second among top metro areas last year in the creation of new businesses" ... but experts guess it's because the job market “is not doing well relatively to other (metro areas).” Amazing the things you'll accomplish when you're given no other choice but to begin harvesting meals from a dumpster.

4. Following public outcry, including a slew of protests yesterday, Federal authorities have announced they'll investigate the February death of Trayvon Martin, who — as far as 911 calls show — was pursued and shot by a neighborhood watchman/vigilante. That man, George Zimmerman, was initially cleared by local authorities because of some bullshit Florida law that basically allows people to run around and kill each other as long as they can convince law enforcement they felt like their lives were in danger.

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