First Slice 3-20-13: Congressman Paul Broun lashes out against Paul Ryan’s budget plan

Plus, Syrian forces and rebels claim opponents used chemical weapons.


U.S. Rep. Paul Broun, R-Athens, took to the New York Times yesterday to fire shots at Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget proposal. Instead, he wants to cut and repeal, well, just about everything. “The only way to protect our nation’s financial future as well as our citizens’ liberty is to stop the outrageous spending in Washington and permanently reduce the size of our overreaching federal government,” he said.

MARTA is asking for community input for its Georgia 400 corridor initiative, which seeks to improve mobility along that stretch of congested highway.

Cobb County residents approved a 1 percent sales tax that would fund the county’s education plans. Those include replacing five schools, fixing other buildings, and constructing a $29 million career academy.

Some real estate agents think that Atlanta’s real estate market is rebounding, says WABE.

Everybody’s Pizza shut its doors last night after serving food in Emory Village for the past 41 years.

In international news, the debate over whether both sides in Syria used chemical weapons continues.

The U.S. Supreme Court overturned $600,000 in damages against a student who imported used textbooks, saying that he did not violate copyright law. The move marks a huge win not only for broke college kids everywhere, but also companies like eBay.

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