First Slice 3-20-16: Behind the scenes on the fight over 'religious liberty' bill

Plus, how to fight an online troll

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Gov. Nathan Deal has until May 3 to sign or veto the controversial religious liberty bill approved by the General Assembly. Here's a blow-by-blow about how the piece of legislation landed on his desk — and why some GOP members voted against the measure.

Georgia State Patrol says a dirt bike rider died on Friday near Castleberry Hill after striking a car.

A mother says a security guard at the Mall of Georgia told her to remove her son from a play area because his wheelchair could be a safety hazard.

"When I got closer, I was like, ‘Wow, both of my tires are missing.’ I went to the other side and I was like, ‘Whoa, all of my tires are missing." Tire bandits strike again!

A man was arrested after punching a protester who was being escorted out of a Donald Trump rally in Tucson, Arizona. In other words, it was just another Trump rally.

How do you fight online trolls

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