First Slice 3-21-13: ‘Kick Ass’ Mall Cop out of a job

Plus, Atlanta gangs plague Salt Lake City and Forsyth County gets healthy


  • The U.S. Army/Flickr
  • Dale Earnhart, Jr. flying his corporate colors

1. ‘Kick Ass’ Mall Cop, whose dedication to keeping Downtown’s Metro Mall safe earned him an international reputation after a confrontation caught on video went viral, is out of a job. Darien Long’s last day will be March 31, and he expects the ne’er-do-wells to start moving back in soon after.

2. A new petition on the White House’s “We The People” website calls for lawmakers to wear the logos of their financial donors on the outside of their clothes, kind of like NASCAR drivers do.

3. Local police in Salt Lake City have teamed up with federal authorities to hunt what they’re calling an “Atlanta street gang” suspected of using homeless people from the area to cash fraudulent checks. Right now investigators are looking for two black males in their early to mid-twenties who may or may not be from Georgia and may or may not be driving a four-door car ...

4. Georgia’s video game industry pulled in more than $1.5 billion last year. The state has more than 75 game studios employing about 2,000 folks, with another 4,000 or so students in school for game-related degrees.

5. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents, or ICE-ers for short, have re-detained 28 illegal immigrants released a few weeks ago amid looming spending cuts. Three of the re-detainees were in Georgia, but probably weren’t from here.

6. Forsyth County is one of the healthiest in the state.

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