First Slice 3-29-12: Sine Die day, and the AJC hates schools

A look at the day's top news stories in Atlanta.


1. It's Sine Die day, the last day of the General Assembly. Let's see how the war on women ends, shall we?

2. The Metro Atlanta jobless rate dropped to 9 percent in February, down from 9.9 percent a year earlier. Feel free to make your "not at CL" jokes in the comments.

3. The AJC has a largely ridiculous story on teacher absences in which it takes up a lot of space to say that teachers in Metro Atlanta often take off a day or two more a year than the state average. And if you read closely and look at the charts, you'll see sometimes that they're being chastised for taking off fewer than the number of days they're allowed by the district. It's just more of the AJC only covering schools as an investigative beat, not an explanatory beat, and overreaching. I'll have more on this concerning the AJC's big national cheating scandal stories later today.

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