First Slice 3-7-12: Georgia, you’re crazy. I like you, but you’re crazy.

Newt Gingrich, synthetic marijuana, and dog sex

1.CRAZY ABOUT ALCOHOL. The sale of booze on Sundays passed everywhere it was on the ballot.

2. And, listen. NO ONE likes Newt Gingrich except for us. And the weirds in South Carolina. And this lady. Still, the AJC reports that the road ahead remains “unclear” for Newt.

3. A Peachtree City family is blaming their teen son’s tragic death on the fact that he smoked synthetic marijuana. That’s “spice” on the streets.

4. Here’s a thing a Newton County woman had to say: “For him to come on my property and rape my female dogs, that’s totally unheard of and that hurt me. I wasn’t here to protect them.” Oh, just g’head and read the whole thing.

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