First Slice 3-7-16: Jimmy Carter ends cancer treatment

Plus, qualifying for Gold Dome races begins

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Seven months after starting an innovative drug to combat melanoma, former President Jimmy Carter will no longer need to undergo treatment. Carter’s doctors will continue to monitor his progress and restart the treatment if the cancer returns.

Some residents who live near the northwest Atlanta recording studio where rapper Bankroll Fresh was fatally shot want the business shut down.

Keep your eyes this week on the Gold Dome, where state lawmakers who want to keep their jobs — and political hopefuls who want to take them — will qualify to run for office.

Do you have ideas about Gwinnett County’s long-range transportation plan (cough, transit, cough)? Let ‘em know

Finally: “I’ve always thought that ‘Keep Austin Weird’—which began to show up on T-shirts and bumper stickers around the time of the bust—was a stupid slogan. Besides the fact that you can’t call yourself weird (that’s like calling yourself a poet or a genius—someone else has to do that for you), Austin wasn’t all that strange.”

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