First Slice 4-10-12: APS redistricting practically final-final plan revealed

The top news stories of the day in Atlanta.


1. Superintendent Erroll B. Davis stayed up late finishing his redistricting homework so he could reveal his plan before tonight’s school board meeting, in which the final-final plan (sort of; he says things could still change, but it’s unlikely) will be voted on.

2. Georgia’s “stand your ground” law was challenged yesterday in a federal lawsuit filed in Atlanta yesterday. The suit says the law is too vague, noting: “It is not clear what actions would create ‘reasonable belief’ that deadly force is necessary.”

3. The AJC reports that the city of Atlanta spent $1.2 million in legal fees conducting its own investigation of the Atlanta Eagle raid, almost as much ($1.5 million) as it has spent on settlements.

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