First Slice 4-11-12: Up all night with APS

The top stories in Atlanta this morning.


1. In case you missed the meeting — which means you got to bed before 2 a.m. — the Board of Education voted early this morning to only close seven schools as part of the revised final-final APS redistricting plan (instead of 10 originally slated for closure). This followed hours of outcries from community members angered that many changes to the plan were put in place late in the process, and not discussed in the months of community forums preceding this morning’s wee-hours vote. The meeting itself was fairly cray: chanting, someone tried to bum rush the show, etc.

2. Former Falcons coach Bobby Petrino was fired from his position as head coach of the University of Arkansas after the whole lying motorcycle/crash/lie/young woman thing. Release the Schadenfreude.

3. The cost of using the I-85 HOT lane hit $5 this morning. As always, I blame Obama.

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