First Slice 4-13-11: Georgia’s immigration law is doing a helluva job helping the state’s vital agriculture industry not prosper

Onion farmers report labor shortages


1. Georgia onion farmers, who are preparing for their first harvest since the state’s immigration law took effect, tell 11 Alive’s Doug Richards that they have too few workers to pick crops this year. And that the federal guest worker program, which supporters of the controversial law say could help ease labor shortages, is burdened with red tape.

2. Nearly 70 educators accused of taking part in the Atlanta Public Schools cheating scandal lost their right to teach in classrooms yesterday. However, they haven’t been fired.

3. StoryCorps has an interesting segment with the employees of a Los Angeles radio station who had a front-row seat of the riots that erupted 20 years ago this month after several LAPD officers were acquitted in the beating of Rodney King. Several cities across the country — including Atlanta — also saw unrest and tension after the controversial verdict. (Do any other natives remember buses circling the Fulton County Courthouse?) Here’s CNN video of some arrests during that period near what appears to be the Gulch after a student protest of the verdict:

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