First Slice 4-13-15: Deal offered to help APS educators avoid prison

Plus, how the transportation bill hurts low-income people living in extended stay motels


  • Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Kent D. Johnson, Pool
  • Fulton County DA Paul Howard holds a press conference following the conviction of 11 of 12 defendants in the Atlanta Public Schools test cheating case.

Atlanta Public Schools educators looking at up to 20 years in prison for their roles in the cheating scandal might see less time behind bars after their lawyers struck a deal with Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard.

The $5 fee on hotel rooms that state lawmakers added at the eleventh hour to the roads and bridges funding bill is going to hurt poor men, women, and families — the same group of people the Gold Dome constantly overlooks and punishes with poor policy — the hardest, says Jay Bookman.

Just how badly did the General Assembly irk one of Georgia’s biggest employers?

One electric-car dealer is expecting sales to drop 70 percent when a new state law that walloped the lucrative tax credit — it’s been the driving force behind the eco friendly autos — goes into effect.

For years, a grainy photograph allegedly depicting the C.S.S. Georgia, a Confederate warship, has confounded Civil War historians. Sorry, folks. The man who found the image now says it’s a hoax.

Günter Grass, the acclaimed German novelist and social critic who shocked Europe and the literary community when he revealed in 2006 that he had served in the Waffen-SS, has died.

Police officers have shot and killed thousands of people in the line of duty over the past decade, the Washington Post learned. Yet only 54 officers have been charged.

Finally, a young man won a green jacket at a sporting competition over the weekend.

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