First Slice 4-15-12: Herman Cain, stop making news

Former presidential hopeful’s campaign made payments to groups run by former aides


1. The campaign of former presidential candidate and Hunger Games ghost writer Herman Cain - remember him? - paid approximately $19,000 after ending his White House bid to two Wisconsin-based nonprofits run by former aides and which are reportedly under investigation by the feds, Politico reports. Cain didn’t respond to the reporter’s request for comment, but we can guess his answer will be somewhere along the lines of “9-9-9.”

2. Georgia’s high school graduation rates have plunged - and more students are taking longer, some even six years, to earn their diploma. The best way to remedy the problem? Cut funding to public education! That’ll help those kids.

3. The southeast Georgia textile company accused of dumping unpermitted discharge in the Ogeechee River for five years - which might have caused what’s been called the state’s largest fish kill last year - has agreed to pay a third party to monitor the waterway. Environmentalists say the company is getting off easy and that the amount it will pay for testing - $1 million - is not nearly enough.

4. Struggling to finish and pay your taxes? It might bring you some comfort to know that some state lawmakers are also struggling with the annual headache.

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