First Slice 4-16-13: Two bombs strike Boston Marathon

Plus, Midtown gay bars phase out smoking


At least three people died and more than 100 were injured yesterday when two explosive devices detonated during the Boston Marathon. The Boston Globe captured footage of the first one (warning: it’s jarring).

In response, MARTA and the Atlanta Police have stepped up security as a precautionary measure.

Georgia will get a $90 million federal loan to overhaul parts of its power grid.

A Fulton County Superior Court judge set a court date for the more than three dozen former Atlanta Public Schools teachers and administrators indicted in school system’s 2009 cheating scandal. Mark your calendars for May 2.

A push from Midtown gay bars to limit or ban smoking in some establishments has received a positive reaction, says Midtown Patch.

Paul Broun opens his mouth about guns, emotions, and policy.

CNN CEO Jeff Zucker reaffirms that the cable news station won’t be leaving Atlanta anytime soon.

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