First Slice 4-16-15: Hawks express support for Sefolosha

Plus, LGBT activist killed in home invasion


Some Atlanta Hawks players are speaking out over teammate Thabo Sefolosha’s season ending injury after an altercation with New York police.

Another independent Atlanta bookstore bites the dust.

DeKalb County Police arrested a man accused of being involved in the gang rape during spring break in Panama City Beach, Fla. George Kennedy, 21, is the third suspect arrested in the attack.

Gov. Nathan Deal today is expected to make legal one form of medical marijuana. But one state lawmaker says Georgians will still be breaking the law if they try to bring back the cannabis oil from Colorado or another state where its production is legal.

One of the victims in a two-county crime spree was Catherine Han Montoya, a beloved LGBT activist.

Peachtree City residents are not pleased about plans to build a 40-acre water park resort in the golf cart wonderland.

Want to not sit in traffic congestion? Not driving alone, bicycling, and taking transit are three ways.

While fast food workers march for a living wage, one executive decided it would be better if he took a huge pay cut so that he could pay all his employees a minimum of $70,000 a year.

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