First Slice 4-18-12: 'Food deserts' might not be an actual thing

Plus a quadruple shooting in Southeast Atlanta and smokers of fake pot are out of luck in Ga.

1. A popular notion about 'food deserts' and obesity: poor, urban neighborhoods have lots of corner stores and fast food restaurants, but few grocery stores with fresh fruits and vegetables, and that makes people fat. Well, a pair of news studies say that's not so — there are plenty of fruits and vegetables available in those neighborhoods, too. In fact, a U.S.D.A. map of Atlanta's food deserts we posted on Fresh Loaf recently led to some debate about the veracity of the government's data.

2. Four men were shot at a home on Gould Street in Southeast Atlanta, and a bullet grazed a woman's head. According to the APD, "Two of the males had been shot to the chest, one male shot to the leg and the fourth male was shot in the arm and had a head injury possibly from a gunshot. One of the males had been shot in the chest." That man is in critical condition at Grady; the others are in stable condition.

3. Law enforcement officials say metro Atlanta store owners have been obedient in clearing their shelves of synthetic marijuana. Fake pot was outlawed by Georgia lawmakers in 2010, but loopholes in the original law were closed up by legislation that took effect just two weeks ago. "We believe we've had 100 percent compliance," a narcotics guy in Cherokee County said. Welp, time to switch back to the real stuff.

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