First Slice 4-23-15: Georgia AG says he won’t fight U.S. Supreme Court’s gay marriage ruling

A hoax is exposed


Georgia Attorney General Sam Olens says he doesn’t plan to fight gay marriage if the U.S. Supreme Court rules against the state in an upcoming case. “When the U.S. Supreme Court rules, it’s not time for criticism,” he said this week. It’s not time for banter. It’s time for the lawyer to play lawyer, and to ensure that everyone follows that law.”

All public college and universities just got more expensive thanks to another tuition increase approved by Georgia’s Board of Regents.

It’s nice that the state has built a separate lane for rich people to avoid traffic. This week the level of use for that lane reached a record high of $11 to travel 16 miles on I-85 HOT lane.

Is this all it takes to fool Georgia historians? A teenage hoax is revealed and a “historical” photograph is finally found to be fake.

ICYMI: The Atlanta Hawks announced the sale of the team and then won another close playoff game.

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