First Slice 4-26-12: Unemployment rate drops, everything’s better forever

The top stories of the day in Atlanta.


  • Joeff Davis
  • Last year, on Mother’s Day the Hawks beat the Bulls at home to push their Eastern Conference Semifinals playoff series to six games. They lost the series in game six. Al Horford announced Wednesday he will miss the first round playoffs against the Celtics because of an injury.

1. Metro Atlanta’s unemployment has fallen to 8.7 percent. I’m heartened by this trend, but I’m sure I’m just in the tank for Obama, according to comments coming soon.

2. Atlanta airport employees are getting hired without TSA background checks. It’s not clear if other airports were allowed to do this, which makes me feel kinda special.

3. The Hawks can secure home-court advantage for the first round of the playoffs if they beat the world champion Dallas Mavericks tonight. I’ll be at the game screaming “I see you Big German!” every time Dirk scores. I would not sit near me if I were you.

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