First Slice 4/28/16: Smyrna's gonna spend $100K studying how to beat Braves traffic

Better throw some more zeroes on that check and get to work

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Smyrna accepted a $100,000 award from the Atlanta Regional Commission to figure out what the hell they're gonna do before all that Atlanta Braves traffic hits. Better throw some more zeroes on that check and get to work.

Eight chimps at Emory's Yerkes Research Center are sitting in limbo after a second lawsuit has been filed to prevent them from being shipped to wildlife park in England. "At the heart of the issue are protections granted to captive chimps because of their endangered status," according to the Times.

An Atlanta man is suing Walmart over a beating by security at the store on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive. It happened after he was accused of stealing a tomato, which was false according to the lawsuit.

The City of Atlanta may have the upper hand in a legal duking out over the potential annexation of unincorporated property in the Fulton Industrial District. The decision could go a long way in determining how Atlanta's attempt at expansion will be impacted if South Fulton is granted cityhood. paywall

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