First Slice 4-29-12: We can debate Falcons stadium funding... if we have a time machine

Plus, viral videos from Cobb County and airport shenanigans


1. Yep, it’s true: The public debate over whether public cash should fund a new Atlanta Falcons stadium happened nearly two years ago. And it missed a lot of folks’ radars.

2. The Federal Aviation Administration on Thursday said several vendors who won bids during the Atlanta airport’s controversial procurement process didn’t meet the definition of “disadvantaged.” And on Friday the city reportedly inked a tentative settlement with one losing airport vendor. This thing is far from over.

3. A Marietta family has achieved the modern measure of success: a morning talk show appearance because of a viral video.

4. More school cheating!

5. The maker of the computer or phone you’re probably using right now sidesteps paying billions of dollars in taxes every year, says the New York Times. Part of the way the California-based firm manages to do so: locating some a handful of employees tasked with investing the company’s profits in Nevada, where there’s no state corporate income tax and no capital gains tax. But they make pretty things!

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