First Slice 4-29-13: State needs a new dealer of lethal injection drugs

Plus, talkin' terrorism over BBQ


State officials are gonna start rummaging through neighbors' medicine cabinets to get their hands on increasingly hard-to-find drugs used in lethal injections.

A Marietta-based "non-partisan" think tank held a panel discussion about Islam and the War on Terror at a Cobb County barbecue restaurant? Hmmm, yes, I think I will click that link, Marietta Daily Journal.

A Gwinnett County teacher and former bodybuilder (!) is also one of the relatively few video gamers to master "Donkey Kong."

Jonathan Krohn, the GOP wunderkind from Duluth who turned away from conservatism in his teens (a move that pissed off many right-wingers who eagerly embraced him years before) is now living in Iraq, writing for a Kurdish website, and living the life he wants.

Apple fanboys currently living in Atlanta, you're welcome.

Fulton County government is under fire for having an apparent diversity problem in its workforce.

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